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Facts about Cardiac Arrest with Dr. Moeen Saleem

Sudden cardiac arrest was thrust into the national spotlight in January, when Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field after a tackle. Thankfully, the team’s medical staff began immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and restored his heartbeat, actions Hamlin’s doctors credited with saving his life. As an elite athlete, is his situation unique? Sudden cardiac arrest is a major public health problem. It’s a condition where the heart stops beating without warning and can lead to death in minutes if the person doesn’t get help right away. Chances of survival are 10-15 percent when it happens outside of a hospital. Yet, early recognition and effective CPR can double or triple the chance of survival. CPR is, quite possibly, the most important skill a non-medical person should know. Are there symptoms or warning signs of a cardiac arrest? Who is at risk?

In Episode 61, Dr. G and his guest Moeen Saleem, M.D., discuss the facts about cardiac arrest, why it’s vital that people learn how to recognize sudden cardiac arrest, how to provide effective CPR and how to use an Automatic External Defibrilator (AED). Guest Moeen Saleem, MD – Double board-certified cardiologist and cardiac electrophysiologist, Midwest Cardiovascular Institute; Director of the Electrophysiology Lab at Edward Hospital.