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MCI Expands Cardiac PET Services to Elmhurst

MCI Expands Cardiac PET Services to Elmhurst

ELMHURST—Midwest Cardiovascular Institute (MCI) is the first independent physician group in the region to offer cardiac positron emission tomography (PET) scanning, now offering this service in both Naperville and Elmhurst.

This advanced cardiac testing offers clearer and sharper imaging, allowing physicians an improved tool for accurate patient diagnosis and the selection of the most appropriate treatment options.

“Cardiac PET images the heart muscle and provides improved accuracy, less radiation and increased efficiency in the detection of coronary artery disease compared to all current modes of nuclear stress testing,” explained Elmer Murdock, interventional cardiologist at MCI Elmhurst. “This is just one of the ways MCI remains committed to providing the latest advancements to our patients.” 

Pictured: The Midwest Cardiovascular Institute PET team in Elmhurst (L to R): Lucy Tahara, Mary Usry and Mary Catherine Howe

Benefits of PET scans include:

  • Faster than a traditional nuclear scan
  • Decreased radiation exposure
  • Increased sensitivity to limited blood flow
  • Increased sensitivity for those with large body mass
  • Less interference from soft tissue

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